Journey to the centre of the Earth (Flash Fiction)

2 min readNov 14, 2020

The journey to the centre of the earth is not for the faint-hearted one would imagine. The ‘out-of-this-world’ hidden landscape, foliage and mysterious streams seemed bewildering and fascinating. Even the sounds of the water echoing in the unwinding caves and atriums seemed to play an eerie note. Something was not most comforting, my sixth sense was telling me. Apart from stepping ahead with full alertness, I had little other choices. Leaves seemed to ruffle — but then it must be me. Heavy breathing — that too must be me!

Little was I expecting it to be terrifying even for the bravest of men, that I considered myself as. Having parted the leaves of the thick forest undergrowth I froze in terror, suddenly faced with the piercing gaze of the legendary, mythological basilisk. It lay coiled in a heap of three tons of merciless deadliness. Its fangs seemed to point in my direction with its intention seeming likewise. Every droplet of my blood froze in its path confining my courage. Every heartbeat seeped through my thoughts like loud drums. Would this be the end! Was this the way it was meant to be!

This moment of my otherwise intrepid journey to this isolated part of our planet brought to question my puny existence. Returning to my senses, hoping this was all a dream, I involuntarily locked eyes with the beast. Its eyes glimmered and twinkled with merciless intent — not the friendly-pranks mischievous looks, but the one that whispered loudly ‘Hello, mortal! Let’s play ball!

This had a surprisingly wrong effect on me at the wrong time — my eternal courageous instinct disappeared — giving way to a block of immobile ice that was me. I needed to thaw — and attack. Or run. Either way, the question wasn’t whether I’d survive, but how long!

Outfighting the mammoth reptile was impossible and outrunning, improbable — especially in its territory where it knew every tree, every turn, every stone. Not my turf, this. Not my size of opponent, this, either!

I suppose it was sizing me up relative to its mouth. I was sizing it up relative to my speed. Myriad thoughts and options rushed through my mind — until the clichéd ‘light bulb’ lit up. I saw a tree at an arm’s length and without a logical thought, started climbing, vaguely hoping lofty trucks would prove out-of-bounds for this monstrous king of ‘under-world’ terrain.

As if the last ray of hope blew out, the red-eyed monster coiling itself around the truck and started shaking the tree base violently, expecting the food to drop to its salivating molars. Perched at near top, I swerved from side to side until something gave way and I flew with eyes like golf balls. Only then I realized I was air-bound from a cliff-side tree. And the only direction was down — down the cliff into the more unknown and expectedly more dangerous. And here I was flying towards another darker layer of foliage … and who knows, a darker fate!




My name is Aritro. Fascinated from a young age at the wonders of math, I like to think of myself as a charismatic, approachable, and curious student…