Footballers and Actors are unreasonably overpaid

. The undeniable truth is — the average fire-fighter bravely works on unrelenting 48-hour shifts, rushing to enough to , while, most importantly, saving lives. The annual salary of an enduring fire-fighter is about , a chunk of which disappears in taxes and essential living expenses Not a lot remains for his aspired annual transatlantic or oriental holiday, let alone allow a reasonable saving.

In contrast, a moderately successful professional footballer is pampered with a 7-figure salary, enviably referred to, in the ‘million’. One wonders what becomes of such gains. Sociologists and psychologists researching into the lives of these ‘sports celebrities’ found that the majority of about 60% of this money goes towards the ‘’, 21% in, 13% in , 4% on, and a . So much for altruism.

The story of movie stars is as remarkable. Robert Downing Jr, a recent top-of-the-charts star of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is reportedly paid a ludicrous— about a thousand times of what life-saving doctors and fire-fighter earn in a year!

Take a moment to imagine this scenario. Let’s say our hard-working school-friend, Joe, now working tirelessly in a hospital, saving lives, takes home . And remember the other classmate spending his time in the gym and fashion walks, now a popular actor, spends a third of his days on , and in a bad year does over a million.

The comparison doesn’t encourage a scholarly and ‘honourable’ living — when . :



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