Disposing of face masks - the eco-friendlier way…

Sep 15, 2020


The current global situation is in an endless void of turmoils, primarily due to the lasting and devastating effects of Covid-19. In this ever-so-important race to save the lives of many, an unimaginably important tool to prevent the spread of this virus is the humble yet life-saving Face Mask. Since the start of this pandemic, common surgical mask production has increased by over twelve-fold. With all these masks being put into circulation and having an average lifespan of 1–2 days, one wonders how the disposal of these masks are carried out in an environmentally-friendly way. The truth is, the majority are not, and come to affect wildlife.

So how do we hygienically dispose of face masks without affecting the environment?

The answer… just detach or remove the strings from a face mask before disposal. This is a simple yet efficient disposal method primarily makes sure that wildlife does not pay for our masks as dearly as they have paid for our plastics — and that we can continue to keep safe while keeping green!


A seagull in Chelmsford, Essex, with its legs entangled in a surgical face mask. The improper disposal of face masks can lead to




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